When is a lot too much?

The moment you realize that our society went from being all about living the American Dream (owning a home, yearly vacations, beach rentals, retirement fund, summer camp for your kids) to needing to be a billionaire. The extravagance that was mocked during the 1980’s as “over the top” and tacky, has now become the aspirations of so many people. When will it be okay to drive a $20,000 car, live in a tiny, older home that consistently needs work, or the yearly family vacations add up to a weekend camping trip? What will the goals be of our babies being born today? Will they need aspire for even more? Why does it matter if a person graduated Harvard or if they finished at some tiny in-state college? Will this list of “better” people continue to grow? I understand the concept of “survival of the fittest.” I know some people will rise above others’ in terms of money, success, love, health, intellect, etc.  But will that dream for betterment ever exist for those who do not have? Just how many more celebrities do we need? How many more tech firms that reach the billion mark exist? Is a socialist society the only answer to this broadening gap of wealth?  When will we just be satisfied? When we everyone get what they need (food, jobs, vacations, stable home, affordable heating/energy source)? What has to happen to make things more equal and comfortable for all? Is this an idealistic perspective that will never be achievable?


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