Gluten-Free? Many are Highly Processed

Have you looked at the ingredients of many of the gluten-free products available today? While the biggest rage is becoming gluten-free, ask yourself this question. Why are you gluten-free? Are you sensitive to gluten? Has a holistic practitioner recommended that you eat gluten-free, or at the worst, do you have Celiacs Disease?

If you are choosing to eat healthier, processed versus whole foods has been recommended a lot longer than the “GF” bandwagon. The problem is many of the GF products have too many ingredients. When is eating healthier and being GF equal? The bigger issue could be the high carb intake and thus the over-processed ingredients of many of the GF products. Consider reducing your carb intake before taking the drastic measure of buying the crackers, breads, flours, baked goods (cookies, muffins, donuts). Carbs convert to sugar. The carbohydrates that create the highest amount of sugar very quickly are called high glycemic and are sugar and carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, potato, and rice (Walters, 2008).

Walters, S. (2008). Cut down on sugar and carbohydrates to improve health. Retrieved March 31, 2013, from


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